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Analytics Accelerator for Healthcare Payers

Faster Reporting and In-Depth Analytics for your TriZetto® Facets® Platform


To remain profitable and competitive, you must develop new abilities to precisely manage risk, pricing, and costs at a highly granular level by unlocking the value in the data within your TriZetto Facets platform and other systems.

Facets is designed to process enormous volumes of transaction data quickly and efficiently, keeping the day-to-day workflow moving forward. Accelerating the analysis of this data, beyond basic operational reporting, yields great value for both tactical and strategic decision making—how can you stay competitive, by finding new pools of customers? Which providers can deliver the contracted coverage? Which providers deliver better outcomes for less? How can we improve processes and reduce administrative costs? Trying to find answers to these questions involves complex analytics that places significant strain on the transactional systems you use to drive your business.

The insights you need, faster.
With the Sybase Analytics Accelerator for Healthcare Payers solution, you can now gain deeper and faster insight into your claims and other operational data. By accelerating and simplifying your analytics capabilities, you can get a more refined picture of the cost of care, detect subtle but actionable changes in outcomes, cost, and payment trends, and develop the metrics needed to support pay-for-performance initiatives. This solution uses a unique high-performance analytics engine to support complex queries and reporting. It is designed specifically to work with Facets and other common data sources to give you a consolidated source of data for up-to-the-moment analysis and decision-making.



PowerDesigner Data Architect

PowerDesigner is the market leading modeling tool, and is used to reverse engineer your Facets database design, define the schemas for the ASE staging and IQ databases, customize the healthcare data warehouse model, and develop the scripts necessary to transfer data into Sybase IQ.

Replication Agent & Replication Server®

Sybase’s replication technologies provide high performance, secure, guaranteed delivery of data across the enterprise. Replication Agent and Server capture changed data from the Facets database and move them into an ASE staging database.


The high performance OLTP capability of Sybase ASE is utilized to host the staging database.

Sybase IQ

Sybase IQ is a highly optimized, column-oriented analytics server designed to deliver faster results for mission critical analytics and reporting on multiple standard hardware and operating systems.

Sybase Consulting

Our experts combine innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technology and knowledge of the healthcare industry to accelerate the design, development, and deployment of this solution—maximizing the quick return on your technology investment.

Sybase Education Services (optional)

Stay on the leading edge of Sybase technologies by taking advantage of our world-class learning solutions including: technology skills assessments, certification preparation, and focused training delivered by Sybase Certified Sybase Instructors at your site, a conveniently located Learning Center, over the web using SyberLearning LIVE™, or through our new anytime, anywhere SyberLearning OnDemand™.

Rapid Time to Value
Sybase brings you extensive expertise in analytics technologies and project management for healthcare. Sybase’s easy-to-deploy technologies, data models, and professional services enable you to quickly offload Facets data into a specialized data store to accelerate analytics and reporting, and minimize the impact of query-intensive workloads to your production systems.

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