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PowerBuilder - Demos


Overviews specific features and capabilities found in PowerBuilder that can help you maximize your development.

  • PowerBuilder 12
  • .NET Tutorials

    These self guided tutorials are designed to enable you to drill down and better understand how to master the new features and capabilities found in PowerBuilder 12.

    • PowerBuilder and WCF Tutorial
      This self guided tutorial will show you how to use PowerBuilder .NET together with the Microsoft .NET Communication Framework to create rich client applications functioning in an enterprise Service Oriented Architecture. Concepts covered include an overview of the tenets of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), an overview of the scope of the Windows Communication Framework (WCF) and the integration issues it addresses. Definitions are provided for fundamental WCF concepts.
      Skills illustrated include how to use the PowerBuilder .NET IDE to create a WCF client application working within a SOA that invokes methods on a web service and uses returned values for local processing.
    • PowerScript .NET Tutorial
      This self guided tutorial will show you how to create fully CLS compliant .NET Win Form and WPF applications using PowerScript code and employing new and current language features inside PB 12. Concepts covered include .NET Language interoperability; the Common Language Specification, creating .NET Consumer Role compatible applications using the PB 12 Classic IDE, and creating .NET compatible Extenders using the PB 12 .NET IDE.

  • DataWindow Enhancements
    Covers the aesthetic updates now found in the DataWindow
  • EAServer .NET Support in PowerBuilder 11.2
    An outline of how your .NET-deployed PowerBuilder Targets can access EAServer via Windows Forms, Web Forms, Assemblies, and Web Services.
  • Usability Enhancements
    A tour of the usability enhancements to the PowerBuilder 11 IDE. This shows how the PowerBuilder IDE is now both more powerful and more simple to use.
  • WinForm Deployment
    Deploying a PowerBuilder Win32 Application as a .NET Windows Form Application
  • Intelligent Updater

    • Part 1
      Installing a PowerBuilder .NET WinForm-Deployed Application Using .NET Smart Client Techniques
    • Part 2
      Updating a PowerBuilder .NET WinForm-Deployed Application Using .NET Smart Client Techniques
    • Part 3
      Rolling Back Changes to a .NET Smart Client-Published PowerBuilder Application
    • Part 4
      NET Smart Client Publishing a PowerBuilder .NET WinForm-Deployed Application Using FTP and UNC
    • Part 5
      Prerequisite Setting — Publishing and Installing Prerequisite Software that is Required by a PowerBuilder .NET WinForm-Deployed Application
  • Web Form Deployment
    This demo covers deploying a PowerBuilder Win32 Application as a .NET WebForm Application
  • Web Form Deployment – File Process Modes
    Overviews the Virtual File System Web File Process Modes - Share vs. Copy
  • Web Form Deployment – Printing Management
    Provides a tour of the Embedded Print Manager Runtime Functionality
  • Web Form Deployment – The Virtual File System
    Features of the Virtual File Manager and the Virtual File System that are deployed with every PowerBuilder WebForm application.
  • .NET Interop
    One of the primary features of PowerBuilder 11 is the ability to call other .NET assemblies or classes in the .NET framework itself. In this demo, an existing client-server application is enhanced to demonstrate interoperatibilty in both Windows Forms and Web Forms.
  • Projects and Targets
    An overview of the new "target types" in the PowerBuilder 11 IDE along with the current target concept. This also shows how the "project painters" have been elevated both in their importance and in their functionality.
  • Conditional Compilation
    This demo provides an overview of the conditional compilation block introduced to the PowerScript language in PowerBuilder 11. A brief code walkthough using the predefined DEBUG variable demonstrates one possible usage of this new construct.
  • Ajax
    This demo demonstrates some of the AJAX-style enhancements available in PowerBuilder .NET Web Forms applications.
  • Don’t Wait – Migrate
    A discussion of the changes in the technology landscape and the many benefits the latest version PowerBuilder can offer you
  • Refactoring, Code Cleansing, and Test-Driven Development with PowerBuilder
    Learn how to refactor and cleanse your code to address and prevent some common scenarios found in PowerBuilder applications. In this demo, we use Test-driven development principles to provide you a knowledge base to improve your PowerBuilder application performance, gain cost savings, in addition to assuring the long-term extensibility of your PowerBuilder code.
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