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Sybase RAP - The Trading Edition Enterprise: Now with Time Series Built-in

A powerful, flexible market analytics platform for capital markets


Sybase RAP – The Trading Edition Enterprise is a unified market analytics platform that lets capital markets firms make better trading and portfolio decisions across the trade lifecycle. The latest version of Sybase RAP – The Trading Edition Enterprise incorporates time series functions built in to the analytics engine – dramatically speeding analytics for faster and more complex real-time and historical analysis. Learn more.

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Today’s trading systems are chasing elusive profits in a highly competitive climate. The volume and velocity of market data is growing exponentially with no sign of slowing. The more data that you can feed into a trading algorithm, the better the trade. But that market opportunity might last only a few milliseconds. So to be first, you need to be fast, and to be right, you need to be smart. Sybase RAP – The Trading Edition Enterprise now has faster analytics built in to its analytics engines to ensure the low latency required to make you first and can deliver the required market data (real-time and historical) to make you right — and safe — all on a single platform.

Sybase RAP - The Trading Edition Enterprise can handle today’s exponentially growing market data volumes and velocities, allowing capital markets firms to:

  • Respond quickly to market opportunities through faster, more complete analysis of market data, both historical and real-time feeds
  • Run powerful quantitative models against years’ worth of time-series market data, trading histories and reference data, with complex analyses running in minutes vs. hours
  • Manage firm-wide risk more effectively with a timely and common view into trade activity
  • Meet the rigors of compliance with auditable trade flows


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