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Sybase Push 365

Push notifications are a cost-effective mobile communication channel as a part of your overall marketing mix by sending push messages, as well as rich web-based content, direct to the home screen of any mobile device running on the Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire.


When it comes to back-end mobile app development, we do the heavy lifting – so you can focus on building more mobile apps. By using Sybase Push 365 products, there's no need to:

  • Build and maintain your server infrastructure.
  • Stay up-to-date on Apple, RIM & Google protocols.
  • Hassle with monitoring feedback services.
  • Keep your library fully updated as platforms change.

Sybase Push 365 makes it easy to send notifications, and provides detail reporting enabling you to optimize your notifications.

Mobile App Push Developers

Developers have access to a fully scalable, cross-platform push notification solution that works with mobile apps through a simple, yet powerful API or a robust drop-in client library.

Rich Push Message Composer

The Rich Push Composer makes creating rich messages easy with pre-built examples, content editor, on-device previews, as well as push notification and recipient management.

  • Easy Web-based Interface - Makes it easy to set up and send push messages without making API calls or development
  • Sophisticated Tagging - Segment messages by behavior, interest, location, device, and many other factors.
  • Scheduling on the Fly - Send messages at the optimal time for individual app engagement.

Push Notification Analytics & Reports

Sybase Push 365 reports give you a unique understanding of your users' reaction to push notifications so you can elevate your mobile app campaigns from good to great.

  • Learn and Improve - Analyze quantitative data on user behavior in an easy graphical interface to enhance the value of your mobile app campaigns. Track app opens, time in app, and number of pushes sent.



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