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Sybase and Red Hat

Red Hat and Sybase provide innovative open source platform solutions for business intelligence and data integration infrastructure.


Over the past 18 months the global financial industry has gone through a huge transformation and regulators and investors have become increasingly concerned about risk management. This is driving a growing need for better analysis of contingent liabilities arising from complex financial instruments, liquidity requirements and capital levels.

Sybase IQ 15 delivers smarter new functionality that allows users to more easily drive risk management, credit approval, portfolio optimization, capital allocation, product pricing and relationship management by running real-time predictive analytics directly in the Sybase IQ 15 database. This innovative new approach of in-database analytics removes the application barriers for businesses to perform critical drill-downs and predictive analysis in data-intensive environments that were previously impossible or impractical using traditional “outside the database” methods.

Sybase has partnered with respected analytical solutions provider Fuzzy Logix to bring its in-database analytics library known as DB Lytix to the market on the Sybase IQ 15 platform. DB Lytix offers a rich collection of analytical functions, ranging from descriptive statistics to highly sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations and Pattern Recognition. Sybase IQ is also widely deployed with industry leading business intelligence front end tools, including Actuate BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools).

To minimize the cost of delivery for their real-time results, analytics and reporting services and yet at the same time ensure the availability of data resources, financial institutions depend on HP infrastructure. The HP ProLiant eight-socket x86 servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux bring together industry-standard technology, solution design and delivery that drives a more affordable price point. The server is ideal for database applications and business Intelligence with its balanced architecture of expandable I/O and large memory footprint.

Why Red Hat?

  • The #1 performance TPC-H 1 TB result for HP ProLiant DL785 G6 with Sybase IQ and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is proof that the ongoing collaboration helps customers migrate applications, reduce technology infrastructure costs and achieve higher performance.
  • HP and Red Hat certified platforms instill confidence in the joint solution with HP services, support and single point of accountability, and deliver a cost-effective solution optimized to improve utilization, lower energy use and reduce costs.
  • Utilizing the unique Sybase IQ technology, data is compressed by as much as 70%, reducing storage costs while RHEL-based platforms offer unmatched price/performance.

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